3 Genius Tips For Potty Training Your Child In Just 3 Days

3 Genius Tips For Potty Training Your Child In Just 3 Days








Potty training — that inevitable milestone that every parent and child must go through. Some parents leave their children in diapers for far longer than necessary, simply because the potty training process can be so difficult. However, the 3-day potty training method has been gaining a lot of popularity as of late, and the 3 secrets to achieving it may help parents, caretakers, or grandparents out there say goodbye to the diapers for good.

If you’ve heard of the 3-day method but aren’t sure what it entails, we’ll break it down for you. 

1. Do Away With All Distractions

To ensure the success of the 3-day method, Jensen suggests doing away with all distractions. These can include your phone, the TV, and other electronics that we’re prone to checking regularly throughout the day. It’s important to focus solely on your child for these 3 days. For parents who work full-time, Jensen suggests taking a Monday or a Friday off work so you’re able to give your full attention to your child over the course of the 3 days. If you’re fully attentive, this process can be effective and positive, not stressful.

2. Allow Your Child To Take Control

When children feel as though they’re in control, they’re far more likely to succeed on the potty training journey. Encourage your child to tell you when they need to use the potty. By instilling self-awareness, your child will catch on to the process much more easily. Jensen also suggests giving your child small rewards each time they use the potty successfully (aka telling you on their own that they need to go).

3. Toss The Diapers

This may seem scary, but it makes sense. If you’re dieting and have no bad snacks in the house, you’ll be unable to eat them. The same goes with potty training and diapers. If you know you don’t have them as a backup, it will help both the parent and child to focus on the task at hand more effectively. This can seem daunting, but it’s extremely helpful to the process.

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