Many of you ask

Many of you ask

We have many customers that visit our store ask about the history of our home, so we did a little research to provide a little more information to you.

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Biltmore Village, is a small village that is now entirely in the city limits of Asheville, North Carolina and near the town of Biltmore Forest. It is adjacent to the main entrance of the Biltmore Estate, built by George W. Vanderbilt, one of the heirs to the Vanderbilt family fortune. Once known as the town of Best, George Vanderbilt created this village as a "company town" for the estate workers. The community was planned and designed to reflect the qualities of an English country village. The village had its own church, which is still in operation today as the Cathedral of All Souls, an Episcopal cathedral. As your walking around the village, be sure to notice the church bells that ring in various celebrations at the hour and half-hour. Biltmore Village is a commercial district that has an eclectic collection of shops, restaurants, and other businesses.

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