Top Baby Shower Gifts

Top Baby Shower Gifts

Cultivating a Baby Book Library

Sitting down to read a soothing book before bedtime and developing the foundation for early reading skills is a tradition that every parent can get behind. Books are a great gift for children of any age, but board books and fabric books are a favorite of babies everywhere, and there are plenty to choose from at Just Ducky. Also, book themed baby showers are a popular choice for a second baby shower, when the family already has other essential baby gear from their first baby.

Sleep Aids

Appropriately named by parents that use it and the pediatricians who “prescribe” it, the Miracle Blanket® is the cure for screaming, crying, and unhappy babies that wake themselves at night or suffer from colic. Not to be confused with a baby wrap or a zip-up wearable blanket, Miracle Blanket is known worldwide as the “cure” for sleep deprived parents. Miracle Blanket® guarantees 100% effectiveness, longevity and quality, as well as, our 100% inventory buy-back guarantee. Lots of colors and styles to choose from at Just Ducky.

Diapers Galore


Parents really appreciate getting diapers, and new parents are often surprised by how many they actually need. There are a lot of new cute options for diaper giving that you can make yourself, or purchase online. Also, many more parents are using cloth diapers these days which carry a large upfront cost for supplies, and most parents are very happy to receive cloth diapers from a registry.

Toys and Teethers

Babies love to play and experience the world around them through their senses. Play mats, toys, and teethers allow babies to learn and grow, soothe sore gums, and give parents a few moments of much needed peace. This award winning toy is available at Just Ducky.

Clothes and Bibs

Baby clothing is irresistible around here, and it’s so much fun to dress babies in cute outfits! Just Ducky has plenty of cute options in our store and online as well as all the trendy accessories like burp cloths, bibs, Neckerchews and much more that really bring the gift together. Don’t forget that lots of people will give outfits in adorable baby sizes, and parents can be overwhelmed with big amounts of tiny clothes. You may want to consider going up a few sizes and giving outfits for other seasons, so that parents have a variety of outfits as babies grow into toddlers.

Lovies and Blankets

Soft plush blankets and squishy stuffed animal lovies are a sweet and lovable gift and we can monogram and make them personal! Often shower-goers like to choose an animal or item that goes with the theme of the baby’s room or their color scheme, like this sweet little giraffe by Angel Dear.  We have several soft animal lovies to choose from at Just Ducky!

Bath Sets and Bath Toys

There are a lot of bath set options available for new babies that include shampoo, bubble bath, lotions, toiletries, etc. There are organic, scented, tear-free, and unscented options available to suit the tastes of mom and baby. I often like to give this Aveeno Set that includes relaxing lavender scented items for mom as well, so that she gets a little pampering too. Make the gift extra fun by putting bath supplies into a baby tub, or including bath toys from Just Ducky and washcloths. We also have rubber ducks!!!!

Gift Cards

These days gift cards are such a convenient and practical gift, especially for parents who like to shop online. Giving gift cards allows parents to prioritize and purchase whatever they really need. Everyone loves Just Ducky gift cards!


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