Where does the time go?

Where does the time go?

I've literally blinked and my kids are almost all grown up and not far from moving out and starting  a new chapter in their life... It will be a new chapter for me as well... The day that I thought would never come and the day that I know will be one of my sadest...

I came across this and felt compelled to share it!  Choose joy...

1. Set 3 intentions to start your day. Examples: I will call an old friend. I will play with my kids. I will be gentle.

2. Tidy your home early and often. It helps your headspace be tidier too.

3. Burn the best candle. Use fancy glasswear. Make a toast. Dress up even if you have nowhere to be. An ordinary day can (and should be) celebrated.

4. Make time to read, both alone and aloud to your children. Every single day.

5. Kitchens are for more than cooking and eating. They often have the best dance floors in the house. Try them out.

6. It's really hard to hear your own voice when your head is crowded with lots of voices. Clear them out.

7. There is absolutely nothing going on in the online world that is better than what you can cultivate in your real world with a bit of creativity and connection. Spend more time making it interesting and beautiful.

8. If you start saying positive, encouraging, genuinely kind things to your kids every day, you'll see the power struggles dissipate and your home will be a happier place. Try it and see.

9. Don't miss out on making a wonderful memory because you don't want to get your hair wet or smear your mascara.

10. The years with your kids are going to be short whether you slow down and live intentionally or keep up at high speed. The only difference is the amount of beautiful memories you will collect. They're only little once. Choose joy.

- Rebecca Eanes © 2017




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